101 of completing your doctorate with RA!

It is not easy! It is very tiring! It is very exhausting! BUT you can do it if you manage your time and despite your pain you keep getting up and doing it again. Last night I hurt so bad that for a few hours I could not even speak, I just listen to music as my entire body cried out in pain and frustration! You wonder why do you have to suffer so bad when you are trying to do good things for your  yourself and hopefully others! You scream at your body because your joints are red hot, your joints feeling like they are broken and you feel like your brain is not connected to your body.

Yes not the best sounding thing but the good news is that no matter how bad you feel….you can still pick yourself up. I came home last night, watched a t.v. show, relaxed, went to bed at 1a.m. and got up at 8:30a.m. I rested for two hours watching mindless tv shows and then  I got into homework. I managed to read my chapter and write my notes. Then I rested again for about another hour and a half. Now I’m back on the computer, I will write my notes and my paper. Then rest again!

Slow process…yes it is! But I have found out if you push push push ….you will get so exhausted you cannot do anything at all! So rest, relax and push through! Pick yourself up and do it all again!

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