What do you live for? Why do you do things in life?

I was asked today why am I getting a doctorate degree because I know I have RA/Lupus/and Fibro…what good is it going to do because I am dying right?

It was painful and hurtful to have a family member broach this question with myself and my husband. Why? Well first of all to me it shows ignorance, just because you have diseases that are hurting your body, your mind and your spirit does not mean you just roll over and die! It does not mean you quit living, it does not mean you do not try to live your life the best way possible!

I realize that these diseases, or mostly the medication that I take for these diseases are horrible for my body. I realize they do damage – liver, eyes, heart, lungs, etc. etc. I do realize that but I also realize that I am 25 years old and I want to live my life!

So what that I may not make it to be 60 or 80 years old, why should I just curl up and not do anything? I can do more in 10 years of living my life to the greatest than I may if I just exist knowing I’ll be living a miserably painful life!!

Do not ask someone who has an invisible diease, who is fighting every day of her life to live despite the agony…why she is doing something! It just causes pain!

 I am proud of the fact that I have a master’s degree by the time I was 24 years old and hopefully a doctorate by the time I am 30. I am thankful that I give back to my community working as a hospic volunteer, working as a church volunteer, serving my college kids and having part time employment. I will live my life and do the best I can do with the time (however long that is) I have left to live!

2 thoughts on “What do you live for? Why do you do things in life?

  1. Well that was RUDE of them!
    That’s the difference between a positive attitude and a negative one. The pessimist gives up to easily.
    How does anyone know that better medicine or even a cure might be found in the next five years.

    I for one, am so proud of you for everything that you have accomplished! The fact that you’ve already made it to the doctorate program while dealing with your added health issues is amazing!

    And you may never know it but somewhere along the way, you have been, are or will be an inspiration to others because of your ability to persevere.

  2. That was so mean, or maybe just “thoughtless” of that person to say! I wouldn’t let it upset you because it will just stress you out and we both know what stress will do. You should be very proud of all you do and all that you accomplish! None of us are promised to live a long life and we should live our lives to the fullest! 🙂

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