Painful day

Today was a painful painful day! I managed to spend most of it on the couch! Homework didn’t get done either but my body did get rested! Tomorrow I will spend some time studying and getting ahead! Or so I hope!

Today was yet another day where someone was incredibly mean! This person was offering my family a house to rent and when we turned it down…this person turned ugly! Telling us we would never qualify on our own for a house etc. It is hard to love someone who hurts you but in the end I realize the people who hurt people will never truly move up!

Yes one day I would love my own nice big place and hopefully I will have a really good job! But until then I will enjoy what I am doing and how I am doing things! Some people may not appreciate education but I certainly do! And until the day comes when I feel like God is telling me to stop, I will keep on heading down the direction he has pointed me down! Even someone being incredibly hurtful will not stop me or my family, we are stronger than that!

Don’t let people run over you, not ever! Once they start they will never stop!

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