Relationship-less Society?

An interesting thought came to mind earlier today – are we losing our relationships? How often do you have a great conversation with someone you know. Not great as in – how are you  today? what is new in your life? etc. What I mean by great is how often do you confide your struggles, the deepest things that are holding you in a pit of despair/anger/frustration/grief etc? How often do we think we can share our deepest needs with someone and they actually care?

I know I would love to spend time talking with people who truly honestly care about my life, my never-ending pain, my journey of medication, the struggles of life with RA/Lupus/Fibro. I want people to care about ME and what is going on in MY life! What about you?

2 thoughts on “Relationship-less Society?

  1. I think I can truly say that I engage in these conversations pretty much every day. But I’m that kind of person. It comes to me naturally. I’m also in a helping profession and I have children at home. But I still have to work on my relationships every day.

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