What are you doing? Quick and Easy Answer

What are you doing for the people who you interact with on a daily basis? Do you listen to their needs or share your needs? The one thing I believe we should totally do more of is spend time getting to really know the people we interact with every day. Yes, maybe you do not want to share all your in-depth personal issues but it does help to have someone else who listens to you, cares for you, and is some one that you can be open with about your struggles.

I know that is what I want in my life! I want to not live on my little island but I also want to have people who LISTEN and CARE. Not people who give their…”oh I’m sorry”, “gosh that must be hard” “I’ll pray for healing” answers. While yes I do believe in the power of prayer..instead of just saying that so that we can move on from the conversation…pray that my husband and I can still have a great marriage despite my RA. Pray that we can have fun, enjoy doing things together, spend time doing what we  want to do and most of all…that we enjoy the time we have together. While it is hard…try to avoid using the “quick and easy” answer when people are trying share their life with you. I know I appreciate sincerity..I am sure they do as well!

I am back to the books here in a little bit. I can say so far this doctoral program is teaching me so much. But one thing I realized while in bible study tonight…it is about the grade and it is not about the grade. Yes getting A’s is awesome, great and fantastic but you need to be LEARNING. Whether you are learning by making B’s or learning making A’s. You need to learn and put into practice what you are learning.

This doctoral program is the one and only (probably) marathon I will ever run! Endurance is far more important to finishing that making it in a certain time. I need to be able to use what I have learned versus just saying “hey I made a 4.0 but I cannot tell you anything about it.” So far I have been blessed with many “eye-opening” experiences and MUCH lack of sleep :-D.

RA, you are definitely not making this journey easy BUT I am no quitter! At least not yet!

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