You CANNOT do it alone!

Do you ever feel on your own island? I thinking today while laying on my couch, how lonely I feel. Why? Because no matter I share my pain…I get blank stares! I almost have the words memorized that I “usually” here – “oh wow I’m sorry”, “I’ll pray for healing”, “that’s intense” or something to that extent.  While I realize you are sorry, realize how I feel; while I realize you will be praying for healing…pray instead for me to get up tomorrow morning. And the responses go on and on.

But why do I say we cannot do it alone…becuase we cannot. We need other people, we have to search until we find others just like us who are hurting. We can cry together, email our woes and pain, hug each other from afar, pray for each other, text each other, tweet each other or Facebook each other. We must hang on to the person next to us that truly understands our world.

When we start sharing with each other it brings together an even greater network of “quasi-RAers” (those who have a loved one with RA) or whatever your invisible disease may be in your life. I believe that network will grow and grow…hopefully leading one day to the world knowing who we are, what we suffer with, and how we have to live life every day.

Yes you can tell..this is a passion of mine! That or I’m so sleep deprived I keep repeating myself…for my own benefit of course 🙂

One thought on “You CANNOT do it alone!

  1. I love this. It reminds me of a Maya Angelou Poem “Nobody but Nobody gets through this world alone.” Even those of us who love folks who have autoimmune pain and fatigue in hopes of helping say the wrong thing. Listen for the message from non-sufferers not just their words as I know I sometimes trip over myself in the powerlessness of not being able to relieve a friend or loved ones pain

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