March Already?

Is it only me but does it seem like the year is flying by? I cannot believe we are already in MARCH! It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and New Year! Before I know it..summer will be here! But I will say the one thing I really like about March – SPRING BREAK! To have 5 whole additional days to sleep, study, get ahead in homework, etc. etc. That will be incredibly nice! I cannot wait for it to get here!

Off to go do more studying, more resting! The pain has been so bad these past few days…I hope to have some relief soon!

5 thoughts on “March Already?

  1. You are an inspiration persevering through the pain. I do not have RA but some unspecified auto immune body rebellion. So I can empathize! Thanks for sharing your journey.

    1. Thank you! Oh my goodness, “unspecifiedd auto immune rebellion” that is just not fun! Is it that they can’t point it to one type of auto immune diseasE? Do you have pain and all the inflammation? I know it took me about 2 years or so before we know it was RA, then I also am borderline Lupus, and now also have Fibro. The gift that just keeps on giving!! 🙂

      1. Mine resembled fibro last year. Thyroid and inflammation related. It has morphed into a horrible digestion and chronic need for sleep. But thus my interest in fighting fibro . I can empathize.

      2. Thus is why I have taken it on as my issue. I did not have it but imagining a life time of what I experienced lt is way to much to imagine. It is real I have current and former friends with it. My goal in life whatever I end up studying is to raise Fibro awareness.

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