Hard Painful Weekend!

You love the weekends where you can get out and do things…it is VERY annoying when you have a weekend where getting out a bed is a major chore! This weekend I have suffered so bad! The pain in my knees, ankles, hips, shoulders, hands, wrists, back etc. etc. has just been excruciaing. It is sad when just scooting yourself on the couch makes you want to cry you hurt so bad!

BUT one major sunshine for my weekend! I still made an A on my paper’s that I turned in last week. While no they were not perfect 100/100… I am so  thankful to God that they were A’s. I’m thankful that even with all the pain, fatigue, and braing fog…I stil am hanging in there! I am definitely not doing it alone that is FOR SURE!

To the rest of us who are fighting today and every day! Hang in there! Together we are supporting each other and together we can make it through this painful day…until tomorrow! Where we will get up and fight again!

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