Psyching Yourself Up

Yes! Some days we have to “psych” ourselves up for whatever that day brings. Today I literally fell out of bed, feeling very down and frustrated. I had to sleep yesterday which meant that I did not study like I wanted to; therefore, I am not ahead as much as I wanted to be. You know that feeling that will let you be angry at the world just because…well because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

I managed to stick a smile on my face, went  to my morning shift and then on break went to the library. While at the library I started to mentally kick myself because I have not been making the 100/100 grades. Ok yes I have been making “A” grades they have been say 91/100; 95/100; 94/100. Either way you cut it.. 100/100 or 90/100 it is still an “A.” So why am I making a big deal about it? I wish I knew other than my OCD push to be “perfect.” Yes we cannot be perfect although goodness know we TRY!

In the end, my conclusion is that I have an “A”, instead of spending energy worrying about why I did not get a 100/100, I need to instead worry about how I am going to keep the “A.” Focus on the IMPORTANT things that you CAN CHANGE. The bolded words are for me! I need to remind myself of this over and over and over again through out the day…what about you???

Psycho yourself up to have the right attitude for the day! I know I needed a major attitude change this morning and thankfully now that I see that light….I’m off to work! 🙂

Hope! There is always HOPE!

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