Some times just keeping going

Do you ever get tired or frustrated with life? Do you feel overwhelmed??? Maybe it is just me but I can say that there are many days I just feel tired. The RA makes me tired, the Fibro makes me tired and then with school and life…..I feel tired! The good thing (for me) is that I hope I am not alone!

The one change that I think we need to make in life is to realize….we are all in this boat together…versus sitting on an island by ourselves. I realized today that some people can be extremely ugly….because they feel like they are sitting on an island. And the funny thing is….we all think we may be sitting alone/feeling lonely/tired/exhausted….and then we finally break away and ask someone and WAIT they feel that way TOOO!!

Unfortunately some people do not do that…instaed they are ugly/cruel because they do not want to come out and say their feelings. But for those of us who can…..share! We have to live this life together! Especially those of us who have RA, Fibro and Lupus…more than anything we need to feel encouraged, understood, and loved!

Our fight is hard but with encouragement and true understanding we can be successful! So on this Spring Break week…I encourage you to work on building RELATIONSHIPS with someone. Build the group around you that you can talk to, hang out with, do something with, text or email. Sometimes just a small one sentence text or email can make someone day!

I know for me that is what I am working on! ….as well as studying 🙂

Have a great Spring Break! Be safe!!

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