Spring Break Winding Down

Spring break is winding down 😦 MAJOR TEAR! I will not lie…I have enjoyed getting to sleep in late and stay up late working on my homework. I have enjoyed watching Netflix (correction having Netflix playing in the background) just about non-stop. But reality is that Monday is coming…soon it will be back to work…and back to the semester schedule!!

The positive news! Once I start back from Spring Break I will have 6 more classes and my semester is over! My first doctoral semester will be over! While I am excited I have a lot going on between now and then. I have three presentations (three speeches to give ), one MAJOR paper ,and one comprehensive in-depth final exam! STRESSFULL! But I am thankful that I was able to get ahead this week…I am a few weeks ahead in each class and my goal is to get a few more small projects done before my Spring Break is officially over!

Another thing I have loved this week….just resting in peace and quiet. In fact no day this week have I left the house…my phone has been on silent. Every once in a while I have checked my phone and answered my text messages but for the most part I have had a me week. I did not need to spend lots of money or go somewhere…instead I just took a week for me…to study and rest!

I have been made to learn the value of relaxing…spending time just chilling and sleeping. Granted I feel old (no offense) but I realize that I have to take advantage of being able to rest and relax. The next few weeks will be tough! But I will get through them!

A few more days…let’s see what else I can get done 😀

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