Good Bye Spring Break 2012

I’m sad, I am ending spring break in intense pain! I think I pushed too hard today so instead of spending time doing hw I am going to rest!

Hubby and I started a diet this week! Nothing special…we have decided on an amount of weight we want to lose! We are planning on only eating out once at most twice this week. And if he doesn’t lose his weight, I get a new pair or shoes! If I don’t lose my weight, he gets new comics! Let’s see how it works!

Sadly I have to wake up to an alarm tomorrow but I am do thankful I was able to work ahead! By tomorrow I should be about 3 weeks ahead in all classes! Praise God! I really believe this will help me be a little less stressed in the weeks leading up to finals! I’m majorly nervous about my final but I know with prayer I will make it!!! Oh and I submitted my first major paper tonight! 20% of my final grade…can you say nervous!!!! Very very very nervous!!!!

Let’s hope I hear something from my insurance this week! That would make an awesome present to welcome in the week coming off spring break! Hoping for a good week, hoping for less pain.

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