Bad Weather Day in Houston

We were ready for a storm..and while we got rain…I am incredibly thankful that it was not as bad as it was “supposed” to be. We were prepared and it was un-needed. While it did rain and pour…PRAISE GOD Matt and I both made it to work before the weather got bad! YES!! We were able to miss the hours of back up on the roads and were both safe, sound and warm in our respective work buildings during the whole storm. By the time I walked out about 6:30p.m. the sky was clear and the sun was peaking through!

Don’t you love how God works!! Major praise for sure! Despite that major praise I am in severe severe pain! My wrists, arms, fingers, hips, back, knees, ankles, toes…and all the rest hurt so bad today! I took a hot shower for a few minutes of relief but it was not long enough! 😦 Pray that the pain eases..It is so hard to be positive some days with all the pain of having RALF but with some encouragement I can do it!

Check out pictures from our local news station from today’s storm

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