One Car Families

One random thought that came to mind this week….how do one car families do it???? I know for my husband and I…it is sometimes very entertaining to watch us figure out how we are going to get every where with only one car. What does it mean for living?? Well you probably will wake up early and get to work early even if you do not need to be up that early or at work that early. You will find entertaining things to do while you wait to be picked up! You will live for routines!!!

BUT a major positive (at least to me) you get to spend time together! I know that probably sounds majorly cheesy but how many couples barely see eachother during the work week? One major reason is you both have your own cars…you can get to work when you want and you can go anywhere you want because you have your own car.

While I won’t lie it is MAJORLY annoying some days to share a car…at the same time I’m happy I get to see my husband a few more times a day. We both have to get up in the morning together, we get to ride to work together, ride home together and he so lovingly drives me to class and picks me up! That is a BLESSING!

One day I hope we can afford two cars but until then..I’m thankful for my perspective!

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