RA Link

I was sent this by an amazing friend (love her to death), it is a nice link to send to those who are struggling (as many do) to understand our disease. SOOOOO many people hear “arthritis” and their thinking caps click off! This hopefully will give a little more insight. I know I as on Methotrexate (oral chemo…sounds great right??) and then Arava (Leuflonimide? ..HARD STUFF) and had many many health complications because of it (liver, heart, eyes..etc.) BUT my pain was less!! What we do to help our pain???


Check out this link and then read this short response from someone who has our disease. What she is going through MANY if NOT ALL of us have a risk for or have gone through this and worse!

” I ended up with a huge abscess on stomach because my immune system is so weakened because of all the MEDS and had to have surgery have all the infection cut out and am left with a open wound that just has to heal naturally .  Had to stop all MEDS at first sign of infection because they are they reason I keep having issues being sick with something .  I won’t be able to go back on them until this is fully healed and even then I wish I had other options because I am so tired of getting deathly sick I have 3 kids ages 3, 6 , and 8 .  I try to keep distance when they act like they may be sick and explain why but they don’t understand . “
RA affects our bodies, our minds, our families! Please pass this on, please raise awareness so we do not have to suffer in silence!!

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