Words of encouragement

Tonight as I prepare to wind down and get myself ready for this upcoming week….I could not help but wonder…what words of encouragement would help me tonight? Since I suppose I am not alone in that boat here is what came to my mind:

– You can do this…you are not alone in this fight. I can tell from those who pass through website or post on my Facebook page. This journey is not just my journey….it is our our journey. While I am sad that there are people out there that hurt and feel more rotten than me….I am so happy (almost to tears) that you understand, that you know my pain. That I do not have to sit here and explain and re-explain. You know when I say something…yes I know..it does for me too!

-I know that I have some awesome supporters! I am blessed…there is no better encouragement than having an awesome husband who is willing to walk this journey too (some days better than others of course). A husband who will go through and open the toothpaste, the shampoo, your soda, your deodorant. A husband that will help carry you to bed when you cannot walk or get up on your own. A husband that will brush your hair when your hands and shoulders hurt so bad you cannot do it yourself. I also am blessed with amazing “friends.” I call you “friends” because you encourage me…your “likes”, you “comments”, your “texts” and your “emails.” All of those things encourage me..even if it is a one-liner!! Trust me I have some AMAZING friends in this journey who perk me up with a one liner back and forth! You understand.

-My pets…you do not realize how valuable pets are until you are home a lot. They entertain you with their perkyness and how they can play with the air. They also entertain you by how they sleep…sometimes I do not know how they get into those positions! But it is fun to watch and yes it makes me laugh! My adorable girls are so amazing! While they do not know it…they encourage me.

Lastly (and probably actually I should have put it first) is my faith! My believe that I can whisper a prayer when this journey just gets too much (daily/momentarily). And how a whoosh of peace comes over me. Strength seeps into my bones and I can write one more paragraph. I can stay up one more hour to finish a project. I can put the smile on my face and actually get somewhere…it is not my strength it is God’s strength. It reminds me of this song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emgv-VRtMEU&feature=related)


2 thoughts on “Words of encouragement

  1. I love this, it’s like you’re looking in my home, voicing my story. As you said, it’s such a comfort to know there are some people out there who understand.

    Hoping today finds you pain-free – or a reasonable facsimile. 🙂

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