Holy Week, MAJOR Blessing Received Today!

Tomorrow at 3:00p.m. I’m hoping my body will cooperate! Our church does this one event for the beginning of Holy Week! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KX2-J6uS-o) is the link to last year’s event. This year it will be children who will be participating! Needless to say, I’m excited to see the video of this year’s performance 🙂

It is hard to imagine that yet another “Holy Week” is upon us! Wow times flies when you get older! As a child I remember thinking…the year takes so long to get to my birthday! Now I wish I only had one birthday a year…well I know I do but it seems like each birthday just keeps happening faster and faster!

One major thing that I won’t ever forget about Holy Week this year! I received my COBRA information in the mail! YAY! And the funny part is the amount I will be paying for COBRA is about the same I will be paying for the Texas Select Pool insurance! So at least I get to keep my same insurance carrier! YAY! So once my insurance is re-instated (hopefully I do not have the 60 day wait) I will be making my first appointments.

I am sadly going to have to go with a new PCP and rheumy. The one that I used to see only sees patients Monday through Wednesday and at the latest 4:00p.m. I cannot make that now with my new schedule and I really should not be driving all the way out there! So I checked this afternoon and there is ONE (ONE!!) rheumy that is about 20 minutes away. I am going to hopefully find a new PCP and then a new good rheumy! I’m nervous…of course…because I do not want to fight about the meds or the tx. Pray that my new doctor group will be easy to work with and that I will have peace when it comes to their treatment. I am personally one that will leave a PCP if I do not feel comfortable after the first visit, if I am treated like a copay versus a patient…don’t expect to see me back.

So I am MAJORLY MAJORLY MAJORLY thankful that I have COBRA! BLESSED SO BLESSED! And excited to see the new future with  meds again! Been way tooo long!! So tonight I am over-joyed despite the intense pain!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Holy Week, MAJOR Blessing Received Today!

    1. Yes he does!!!!! How are you and M doing???? Is she better? How is your body doing? I woke up early this morning and my knees felt like they were broken. Got up and used Icey hot and propped them on pillows. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep 😦

  1. Another day closer to getting treatment to help with the pain! yay! My prayer for you is that the new doctors are better than the last and have a better plan of attack against the RA!

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