Modern Technology

Having RA and Fibro you sadly have to slow down! For me tonight that meant resting for two hours before I could jump back into studying! I hated waiting but all my studying (and anything else) will not work if I stress out my body! For me though, it is hard not to push myself …I have alway pushed but now I cannot.

And I have to take a break and know my limits! So tonight instead of driving to class….I skyped with a cohort member! I love the ability to sit in my living room and have a study group! 🙂

One thing I am praying for…please God on Wednesday ease my pain some! Today my knees, hands, hips and back were killing me 😦 pray that during my test I have some relief!!!






Pain and Thinking

When I was young, I never realized how much I should have appreciated being able to run around and do things! Now I struggle to get the energy to get out of bed, take a shower, and do my homework.

For those of you who do have daily constant pain….appreciate the life! Live your life and do as much as you can because one day you may not be able to do things like you want!

How would you? or What would you?

How would you…simple three words but they carry so much meaning! One thought on my mind this afternoon is how am I going to balance everything?  Three classes this summer over a 10 week course! INTENSE!

But the good news is that I have balanced things so far, I am submitting my final paper this afternoon!! YAY! And then Wednesday I will be taking my final Then I will be DONE! 🙂 Wow I can not believe it!

Then Friday I have a conference, possibly a trip out of town, lunch date on Saturday and then next Friday I have a lunch date/final defense to watch. And then multiple things on Saturday! HOWEVER despite all that I have to do, the priority needs to be my God, my family and resting! My body needs to rest, relax and re-fill so I can make summer!

So my question….how would you? What would you? These are some great thinking questions 🙂

Do What

Have you ever been asked to live today like it will be your last? If you have, what did you think about that? I sometimes am very cynical and often prefer to sit there and ask why? What about this scenario etc. when I am faced with a broad…subjective question. But tonight, since this thought was part of a conversation today….I cannot help but wonder…if I was living today like it would be my last…what would I do? what would I change? Who would I touch?

Would I hug everyone I passed in the hall? Would I give some extra to the poor? Would I say I love you one more time to my hubby? Would I sleep in 10 min later? While we never know when our last day on this earth will be I cannot help but wonder…would we be more positive if we lived like today would be our last? Interesting question right! The things that come to mind at 1:40a.m.! 🙂 Random yes??

Let’s hope my pain eases soon so I can go to sleep..many more hours of studying are ahead!

Too many things…Too Little Time

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Or that sometimes you spend all the time focused on your pain! It is hard to not get frustrated and angry but for me…I have really felt overwhelmed the past week or so! I am getting down to my last class week of the semester. I have a major paper due and a HUGE (beyond huge) final.

Every part of me wants to spend every moment doing nothing but studying but you can only do so much studying! So I am trying to balance everything..add on my RA pain, Fibro fog and the side effects of the medication…and it is a mess!

But amazingly I am still hanging in there! I don’t know how I do it…but still hanging in there! Yes I’ve been quiet on here..mostly because this past week I have felt so exhausted. My energy has been zapped but I find that whenever I go days with out blogging….I start feeling restless. Just being able to share my feelings/thoughts/frustrations…is so helpful!

So this morning…yet again at 1:30a.m. I am still up ..but I’m positive! I’m hopeful that I will do well ( self-talk here) and I’m hopeful and positive that I am in school for a reason. Earlier this week I got majorly stressed about finding a full time job, car etc. and then I had to stop myself. I was so anxious I could tell I was heading down the wrong road! Everything will work out! I know it will and until I get a full time job and my own car…things will go as they have….which is fine! 🙂

Don’t worry about things you cannot change and do not stress! You are not alone in your battle and only do in a day what you can do 🙂