Have you ever

Have you ever sat in service and it seems like the message is meant especially for you? Today my pastor spent some time in the gospel of Matthew, chapter 6 and 11. He spent the message time bringing attention to how we should not spend our time worrying. Instead we should rest in the peace that our God is ever-present. I listened and  I could not help but think of all the things that have been “worrying” me – my presentations, my MAJOR class paper, my insurance, our finances since I lost my full time job, etc. etc. The list never ends…but as I listened to my pastor, I could not help but realize…I could spend day in and out worrying about these things…the truth is that won’t change them.

My presentations will be made whether I am ready or not …so I need to do everything I can do to get ready and then leave it up to the Lord. Same for my major paper…and my insurance…my worrying won’t fix it. Instead (probably the same for many) the more I worry…the worse I feel!

So my new mindset for the week…pray more..and worry less!!! And hopefully maybe hurt less! 🙂

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