Earlier tonight, I took my first Arava and my first Lyrica in two months! Part of me now (a few hours later) remembers why I wished I did not have to take this medicine…the dizziness (thank you Lyrica) or the upset stomach and fatigue (thank you Arava) hit quickly. But as soon as I caught myself “complaining” about the dizziness/fatigue/etc. I remember how much I have hurt over the past few months when I have not been on meds!

I was Facebooking another spoonie/squeaker and we were commiserating on the good and the bad of medication! It is something we are certainly thankful for but at the same time the side-effects some times can be as bad at the disease!

Nevertheless, I am most certainly thankful for my medication and thankful that there is a doctor in my area that I can see! I was amazed find out that rheumatologists are not the most popular doctors out there….by that I could not find but two in my area (within a 15-20 minute drive). I found many in the Houston downtown medical center area but outside of the downtown part…rheumy’s are hard to find! Which for me that is sad…we should not have to wait months to see a physician (granted we are thankful of course for the help).

Meds, prayer and everyone’s support…that will get me through getting used to being back on meds and finishing my first doctoral semester!!!

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