Back on meds…day 2….

Day two back on meds…and man do I feel the side effects. The nausea..the COMPLETE exhaustion! But at the same time I keep telling myself that maybe by next week this time…my body will feel better! I did manage to get food twice today so that’s a good thing 😀

It was a good day though, today the hubby, FIL, and I made it to our church’s Good Friday service. Then my hubby and I stayed behind to help with the Stations of the Cross exhibit. I was so exhausted when I came home…I sat on the couch and slept for four hours! It was great though to touch other people’s lives. I also got to call my hospice patient’s family. I did not get to make my visit but it was great to spend 30 minutes on the phone with the family, perking them up a bit.

What a day..pain/sickness and tough times but I’m thankful none the less!

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