The Time We Call Easter

This time of year, schools let may close early…all because of the holiday known as Easter! While I am not into the Easter eggs, bunnies, candy etc. I thought my pastor put it so well this evening in service. For those of you, that hold onto the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ…Easter for us means HOPE! Hope for our eternal future and hope for the support of today!

While I won’t sit here and repeat his sermon…the cool thing for me as someone with RA is that…there is some hope in this world! That may seem like nothing to some but to me…having hope gets me off my couch some days!

Tonight I cannot help but think about the MASSIVE paper I have due, the three presentations I have to work on, the small projects I need to turn in and the MAJOR final I need to study for : (. At the same time I think I need to take this weekend and let my EXHAUSTED and PAINFUL body get used to the Arava and Lyrica again!

For me I hate sitting and doing nothing ….especially when I have so much to do! But at the same time…I also realize that I can get so much more done if I do take some time to rest! My papers get written better…when I make sure I take care of me!

So take care of you, think about the blessing of Easter and enjoy your weekend 🙂

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