Arava the joys!

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do? As I rested today (12hrs and then a 4hr nap) I could not help but wonder why I am back in school! If I did not have school I could practically sleep every day 🙂 But then I cannot stop and wonder…what would  I do with my life? I love the challenge of studying, the challenge of writing and being social in the education world!

I love going to work and I love being around people! I think staying at home and sleeping would get boring after awhile! BUT it takes energy and many days I do not have it!

I also thought today about how much RA has changed my life? Does it change your life or is it just me? For me, I rest more, sleep more, cry more, etc. etc. But aI also connect WAY more to people I may never have met before! That fact alone is awesome! It is awesome that there is good through having RA! It is amazing that I do not feel alone, instead I feel connected. I have a sounding board, emails of support and people that I know who understand me. In a word it is AMAZING!

I hope that Easter was a great weekend of rest, food and family! I am not ready for Monday but I promise I will smile as much as possible 🙂

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