Alive but barely!

Do you ever feel alive but barely??? It is as if you feel life never has stopped and you are in the middle of somewhere but you are not sure where that place is exactly. Some nights I feel that way, I feel as if I have a MAJOR to do list and no time to do it!

I feel the pain clouds my brain and that leads me to push harder and harder to do better. I have become painfully aware how being OCD about things and being a perfectionist can be sooo hindering. You want to be perfect, you get mad because you are not perfect and you do not let yourself relax. I am stressing SOOO bad about my personal (individual) presentation tomorrow!! SOO nervous! But really??? Why???

I know my content, yes my beginning sentence or two needs some work but really??? I know the stuff front and back that I will be talking about. And I have talked to multiple people about it through casual conversation. But the thought of getting in front of my classmates and my instructor, talking for 10 minutes for a grade…freaking me out!

Pray that I will realize SOON that I do not always need to be perfect! I am thankful for my pushing but I need to rest/relax and enjoy the process too!

On to working on my paper!

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