Belated Wedding Present

Yes you saw that right! For some reason my beloved husband “forgot” to get me a wedding present! Yes you can imagine I have not let him forget it! Well tonight, while I was stressing out, freaking out…and hurting! He decided to surprise me by getting me something I have always wanted (no not a big diamond ring) but an accessory that I LOVE. I was surprised at first when I got it…mostly because I could not believe he spent extra money (that OCD me doesn’t like to spend on most days) on me. But when he convinced me to be excited…I got really excited! I love my present! 🙂

Nagging, poking, and sometimes crying (yes I was slightly upset) were not necessarily worth it. But I will say it is AWESOME to get a present on a day that was not a “special” (expected present) day.

So to my husband of almost 3 years! Well done! Although it would have been AWESOME to have my present 3 years ago, it definitely was something that I need tonight! Much amor to you!

3 thoughts on “Belated Wedding Present

  1. So what was the present?? Don’t leave me hanging!! lol Have a great day! I know you’ll do awesome on your presentation!

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