My newest bestest friend = Hair dryer

Yes for some reason, through out my short adult life I always (up until a few days ago) had a HORRIBLE relationship with a hair dryer. I usually ended up with such puffy hair I needed to go back and wash my hair again to be able to do anything with it. Now though that Arava has taken MUCH of hair way and it is so thin, I am in the new world of living with ultra-thin hair. Now I found out with the right brush and the right hair dryer you can achieve softer hair! So now I have a new friend.

Isn’t it amazing that sometimes just tiny things make you feel better! Sometimes it is the eye shadow, the mascara, or the hair that makes your day! For me, at least for today, it was the hair dryer! Yes I know lame πŸ˜€

Today the pain has been intense but I am thankfully that despite the intense pain the pain is a less than with no meds. I am thankful for the meds every day…just not thankful for the side effects. I was not able to move up my appointment last week but I am crossing fingers that maybe this week!!! Pray with me!

I am also getting ready to start a discipleship class with a student (maybe two)! We are going to meet every week…and LIVE life together! The whole purpose is to encourage maturity, faith and a “relationship” versus and acquaintanceship. To get to know someone and have them in your life and you in their life. The idea stems from the thinking that many times we spend so much time with people but we often forget that we can be “real.” We do not have to pretend that life is great if it isn’t, we do not have to pretend that we have no problems. It is soooooooooo hard to do but we are attempting πŸ™‚ I am interested to see how it will go!

One more presentation this week. I think my husband is tired of hearing me practice! πŸ™‚ I’m determined to be an excellent public speaker…sadly it takes PRACTICE and TRIAL/ERROR!

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