Do What

Have you ever been asked to live today like it will be your last? If you have, what did you think about that? I sometimes am very cynical and often prefer to sit there and ask why? What about this scenario etc. when I am faced with a broad…subjective question. But tonight, since this thought was part of a conversation today….I cannot help but wonder…if I was living today like it would be my last…what would I do? what would I change? Who would I touch?

Would I hug everyone I passed in the hall? Would I give some extra to the poor? Would I say I love you one more time to my hubby? Would I sleep in 10 min later? While we never know when our last day on this earth will be I cannot help but wonder…would we be more positive if we lived like today would be our last? Interesting question right! The things that come to mind at 1:40a.m.! 🙂 Random yes??

Let’s hope my pain eases soon so I can go to sleep..many more hours of studying are ahead!

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