Theory Foundation
Organizational Structure
” Culture
” Motivation
” Leadership
” Decision Making
” Communication
” Change
” Curriculum
Human Resources

Senge’s The Fifth Discipline
In Search of Excellence
Everyone’s a COACH
Covey’s Principle Centered Leadership
Reframing Organizations

I have been studying for a final over all this information for several weeks. My prof will walk in tomorrow night and write a question on the board. Then for 2.5hrs I will address the question using theories and concepts in all chapters (first list) and all books (second list). Intense!!

Tonight my head and body are in significant pain and exhaustion. I’m hoping and praying that peace flows over me tonight and that I can successfully write a well rounded essay! Say a prayer, like the post or rt my tweet, I need all the prayer and thoughts I can get tomorrow! It is hard enough to be fighting RA, Lupus and Fibro…much less to be taking a doctoral class final!

Also pray that I did a good job on my paper! I’m chewing my nails waiting to hear back, I worked hard but I struggled. I wanted it to be perfect and while in my mind I know nothing is perfect. I certainly over think things way tooo much.

Night for now, almost there! Remember this degree is for you!!! đŸ™‚ stand behind me so we can get through!!!

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