Ah Hotels

There is something to be said about traveling and staying in hotels! Minus the germs, I just love feeling as if I can be lazy! I don’t have to clean ot make my bed (well to be honest do I do that l anyway??? Lol). It is cool to feel as of it is a home away from home!

I still cannot believe that I am one semester done with a doc program!!! I remember thinking over Christmas….how am I going to do this! Now it is over, and hopefully I will successfully pass both classes! Such an amazing feeling!!!

The pain has been intense this whole semester from swollen painful hands/shoulders/knees/ankles and back to feeling so exhausted every day! I pushed hard and finished strong!

Still I can say that I would not have been able to do it with out my awesome cohort buddy who now is a part of life or my colleagues at work! There are too many to name but they call and check up on me. They ask how my classes are going or how am doing! That means a lot! And I hope they keep encouraging me through the end of this program!

My conference starts bright and early (7am)!! Off to rest, sleep and hope for an awesome conference!!!

Ps! Pray for my profs as they grade my final exam and my paper! Crossing fingers!

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