One thought for the evening is “perseverance.” That is a word that we hear thrown around time and time again. We hear “you have to persevere” or “keep going” or “finish strong.” Sometimes we think about the word as it would apply to other people…as if it is something else that someone else should use in their journey. BUT have you ever though about your life and how you might have persevered…even unknowingly?

I know for me back a few years ago, I was young and I was so tired of time and time again….going to a doctor, having tests done and NOTHING! There was NO answer for me…instead I would get medicine that would “hold me through” the pain but never answer the question “why was I hurting so bad?” Finally, the answer came and sadly it was not the answer that I wanted. From then until now….I haveperservered.

Not only have I perservered….I have  kept an attitude of joy.  Can you persevere and have a good attitude? Yes it is possible but it takes A LOT of work! Our normal attitude (or at least to me) is to see the negative or the hurt. Instead of doing that, we need to work and see the positive! To see the good that come out of it… because honestly, perseverance is NOT enough. We have to the an attitude of is positive!

Is it easy to have a positive attitude despite our trouble??? No, most certainly not! Instead quite the opposite, we generally lean toward the negative. But when we go for the positive, it transforms us into people who develop character and strength. It sounds weird maybe, but we are made stronger through our trials; sadly, those trials are usually painful.

I know for me the pain of the medicine, the side effects of the medicine, the exhaustion, the brain fog, and the excruciating pain are all part of what makes me life such a journey. But I persevere and  I hope that most days the Lord leads me to seek the positive. After all, we are all role models…which type of role model do you want to me?

One that perseveres and develops a good positive character or one that leans more toward a negative character and a lack of perseverance? Whichever one you choose, remember there is always someone else watching what you do!

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