One last thing for tonight, set some goals for yourself! When you have no goals you struggle with direction! When you have goals in place…you have something you are working towards! For me I have set one goal to lose some weight and work out at least a few times a week. I know I need to get my weight under control (not that it is horrible but I am looking long term).  On the other hand I know that I do not have much energy but I have realized 15 minutes of working out a day is better than no work out a day!

I also realized that not only do you have to have goals but you have to let go what you cannot control! There are so many things that I do stress over….but honestly does it do me any good?? Does it fix it or does my worry even help fix the problem? Many times it does not! So what I am hoping to put into practice….not worrying about things I cannot fix and setting goals!

Hopefully I can share with you my progress (or attempts) at both 🙂

2 thoughts on “Goals

  1. This really hit home with me! I find I DO stress out at the things in my life that I’m worried about, and I know I haven’t set myself a goal since I stopped working a few years ago. Thank you for giving me something to work towards.

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