Summer is HERE!!

I join many of the hundreds (or thousands) of students enjoying the fact that summer is finally here! My last final is done! WOOHOO! Now i just have to wait until Monday (hopefully before) for my final grades. I cannot believe that my first semester of doctoral classes is over! WOW! I had dreamed about this time of my life for so long…still hard to believe it is here.

This summer I am taking 3 (yes THREE) doctoral classes! It will be challening! Of that I have no doubt! I have been resting this week but I need to get started on stuff for my summer school!! BUT not until I rest for a few days that is for sure!

I went this week to visit my rheumatologist! (Yes it was so nice to be able to see a doctor!). He seemed to care about my goals for treatment. I’m waiting on my lab work. I hope it comes back alright but I probably will not know until Monday. Boo!

Tomorrow I will be up bright and early, heading to finish yet another research competency! I will be viewing a final dissertation defense! I’m only having to drive part of the way to the main campus (PTL!). I am meeting one of my cohortmates part way there, we are getting some breakfast and then driving up to the campus.

I hope my energy level holds up! It is so hard to do things with RA and Fibro. On top of being exhausted from lack of sleep…these diseases are certainly not very helpful when it comes to wanting to be busy all the time! Although one positive is that it does help (and has helped) me slow down! You have to stop and smell the roses sometime! 🙂

Off to rest and relax! 🙂

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