One of the hardest part of life, especially living with an invisible illness, is that life runs at a different pace for us. We cannot spend as much energy doing “everything” we want to do. It does not mean that do not want to but it does mean that we sometimes cannot do it all! Sometimes we cannot keep up with our emails, our tweets, our posts, or phone calls. It may sound weird but it takes energy to answer emails/tweets or make phone calls. Is this how we want to live? No not really! Trust me we do not!

But it is our lot in life if you want to call it that, so what is awesome for us is to be surrounded by friends and family who understand. We need nonjudgemental people who sincerely care about us and our inabilities sometimes to get things done! I know for me there are days that I have so much I need to do but it does not get done. That makes me angry at myself because I cannot get it done. I would not say I “worry” about everything I do not get done but I would say it bothers me.

Because I believe that sometimes (and only sometimes) people tend to judge those who do not “quickly” get back in touch, stay in tough or “do their part” in the relationship. Does that make sense? Maybe it does or doesn’t (no offense meant to anyone). But the gist of what I’m trying to process in my brain (yes don’t laugh) is that patience is critical when you have a relationship (or friendship) with someone who has an invisible illness.

For us sometimes just opening our eyes is a chore (sounds lame but true). Sometimes our greatest battle is not with those around us but with ourselves. It does not matter if you have RA, Lupus, or an unknown connective tissues (autoimmune) disorder. Anyone and everyone can benefit from slowing down and enjoying the friendships and relationships in life!

In the end many things can fall away or grow up…why not make one of those your friendships/relationships?

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