Final Grades

The semester officially ended today…final grades were posted! YES! all the hard work paid off!! HURRAY!!!

To celebrate in advance I went and got a hair cut!! SCORE! Bangs that frame my face and about 3 inches off the it. I also found some awesome root booster so the hair looks MUCH better! I also picked up a new straightener so the new hair cut def. gave me a boost of confidence.

The next item of my list is to get a relaxing pedicure. I went to get one over the weekend..sadly it left MUCH to be desired! So here is hoping for a better one!

Another MAJOR praise….being off meds January -April…really HELPED my liver! My liver tests were much let’s see how those numbers are in August when I see my rheumy again!

I have decided that I will use my energy to raise awareness, share my story andlive life to the fullest.  It is VERY VERY VERY hard to do that when every movement brings pain but you know what is awesome…with all the encouragement from my blog, Facebook page and friends…I did it! A 4.0GPA! That is NOT easy…even for a healthy person…much less with all the pain/fatigue. Thanks for the encouragement world! One semester at a time and soon it will be DR!

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