The other day I posted about Ensure and how I take it for energy, vitamins etc. Then I started thinking about it and I was like….geez what else can I do to make myself healthier? For those of you who are like me (invisible disease sufferers aka spoonies/squeakers) we have so much wrong with us…we have to do our best to stay as healthy as possible.

That doesn’t mean we go run to the gym every day because honestly…as much as we want to (or at least I do) our bodies do not function that way! Some days just making it to the couch is a challenge. I know the other day I could not for the life of me get a bottle open! Yes a simple nonchallenging bottle (probably a coke bottle) but for the life of me I could not open it. I have noticed I am tending to drop things a lot…does that happen to you?  I drop all sorts of things these days…THANKFULLY nothing has broken but to me I see it as another sign of living with an invisible disease!

So while I would love to be a perfectly healthy 25 year old (as I had always planned to be)….I am NOT…I have had to learn to live with invisible diseases. To those diseases there are many limitations and barriers to jump over…is it doable? YES! It certainly is and I have learned I can push myself to accomplish various things!

BUT I cannot do it if I do not have energy! So I have started trying to do Pilates/yoga (stretching) to keep my limbs moving. I do this usually on my living room floor because it takes less energy than going to the gym! Then I also try to include ensure and other vitamins to help balance out my system. I try to drink more water and I have tried to make sue that most days I only get two diet dr deppers or coke zero. This is much better than drinking probably 5 or so a day! (disclaimer though I was in school!!! if that counts LOL!).

Then this morning I woke up and realize how awesome it would be to have some calm and peace this morning! So unlike my usual I did not turn on my radio (but for a second to hear the weather) and I did not turn on my Netflix. I just had the quietness (or noise) of the morning. It was actually more relaxing than I thought! I got to hear the cat outside, the noise of the lawn workers, and the ticking of my clock! It helped me to slow down and realize that I can have an awesome day (despite my pain) and hopefully a day that I can touch someone’s life! After all that is what life is all about!

It is not about me that’s for sure! That would be a boring world if everything was all about me lol! So off to open the door and see what life is like today for me…living life with RA and Fibromyalgia!

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