A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

There is really nothing like having a lazy afternoon to rest, relax and now study! I have been spending my afternoon going through “training” on how to appropriately handle data analysis, data collection, the mentor-trainee relationship and much more. Despite spending my lovely afternoon on my couch…I could not help but wonder about bigger things.

One “issue” that came to mind is how often we sometimes quit doing something (doesn’t matter what) because it gets too hard! Have you ever quit doing something because it was too hard? I used to play soccer and tennis…now I do neither because it is so hard on my body! If I was to run around a soccer field (which I could do probably do to adrenaline), I honestly do not know if I could move the next day (probably not). That being said..how does quitting something make you feel?

I know someone who recently quit smoking, the thought of quitting was “happy” for him because hopefully his insurance co-pays etc. will go down! Today I am trying to “quit” my intake of soda’s and sweets (yes painful!) so I am sad not happy! Thinking to something you may have quit…how does it make you feel! Do you ever get really down when you try and quit something…because after a day or two…you are right back where you started!

False starts! That’s what I call them at least…the days I want to quit something but my body just is not ready yet! I have had “many” false-starts with my soda intake…have I quit completely …no not yet! But have I adjusted my soda intake….actually yes…two or three years ago I was on up to 10 sodas a day (yes I know and these were regular!!!). Now I only drink diet sodas (yes probably not great for you) but then I have managed to get it to where “most” days I only drink 2-3 a day! Yes still a lot but an improvement from before!

Some where I heard that soda’s can affect my fibro pain and trust me if I can do something to not suffer so much! I will do it! So that is one BIG reason behind my moving to less soda’s, I want to suffer less!!!

One acronym that came to mind when I focused on the depressingness (is that a word???) of false starts is the acronoymn..HOPE.

H – Have I changed this even in the smallest of ways (my intake of soda’s has gone down)

O – Overall, with those tiny changes, do I have the inner strength to “try” again?

P – People, get people behind you to help make the change stick next time! (so for me I’m sharing my goal..ask me how it goes every once in a while!)

E – Envision (I hope it is a word!!) the change! I’m picturing in my mind hopefully one day drinking a soda only every once in a while! Let’s hope it happens!

Don’t you love my lazy Sunday afternoon thoughts 🙂

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