YES YOU CAN! Those are three words that I find myself saying over and over again! Especially now that this my LAST weekend before classes start! I have spent such little time over the break studying (I did review some articles) that it is SOOO hard for my body to get back into the grove! BUT I keep telling myself “YES I CAN!.”

Life is tough! Life for people like us is extremely painful (some days I would say torture). I find myself saying “YES I CAN” from the moment I open my eyes until I close my eyes at night! SO YES YOU CAN! If I can you can! Don’t ever think you cannot do it!

That was my inspiration for tonight 🙂 off I am to read some of my chapters…then it is to bed and up for church and sunday school. I also have to get my bridesmaids dress!!! Woohoo let’s hope it FITS!! 🙂 I will say doctoral coursework and weddings…it is TOUGH to buy a dress that will fit LOL!

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