A New Term, New Possibilities

Several days back into homework I am already wishing I could be on summer (or Christmas) vacation permanently! No one is lying when they tell you that only 2% of the enrolled population finishes earning their doctorate degree..I can see why…because it is mentally exhausting. I say that believing it is that way for “normal” people much less for those of us completing higher education while at the same time battling an invisible illness.

I have managed to complete two chapters (almost) of reading for the homework due this week. I am hoping to get a head start on what is due next week so that way I am not running behind. My physical pain has returned in a fury…apparently not getting enough sleep (duh!) really brings on the pain!

How weird is it to say I’m thrilled to be going into my second semester in the program…but at the same time…I’m already tired and I haven’t begun! 🙂

Back to the studies! 🙂

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