I’ll Be

Have you ever listened to Edwin McCain? For some reason I kept thinking of it tonight while I was trying to unwind from reading my administrative philosophy book all day! Chapter 2 is done…now on to my Ed Research book. I know the summer just started but gosh it seems like I cannot wait for the end. Two classes are full (crammed full) of papers, writing (guess I need to work on writing huh??) and presenting!

The cool (and interesting) thing is that while reading my philosophy book, I found myself thinking “wow” I actually understand this stuff! THANK YOU to all who are praying for me! I know that my understanding is increasing because of your thoughts and prayers!!

I try to always think of some encouragement I would share with someone if they were sitting next to me..tonight I will just say “keep going” because I will be the greatest fan of your life! I will be there to smile in the times of laughter and I will cry with you in the time of tears! I hope you all have someone you can say that too….because we are not on this earth just for ourselves. Touch someone’s life today! Remember that you life, it means something…it has value and no matter where you find yourself today…know that God is never far from you. I know, for me personally, I love touching lives by talking and learning about people. Maybe you feel lonely, scared, upset, or frustrated…Lord knows with our invisible diseases…how can you not be frustrated or even angry?

Anger and frustration are alright because YES our lives are different. Yes we suffer and YES people DO NOT understand us. BUT despite that…I hope you choose LIVE versus survive in life! You only have one life on this earth to live…I pray that despite the pain, the medications, the side effects….we can all touch someone in our time here on earth!

Night to all my squeakers and spoonies out there! Another time, another chance to smile at someone 🙂

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