On the Other Side

I was reminded of the phrase “the other side” when dining with my cohort member after we spoke to the entering class this evening. It was very nice to be on “the other side” of the table tonight. Walking in front of the classroom, commanding attention and providing answers. I cannot help but wonder, I’m sure my face looked as lost and scared as their face did. I remembered the “overwhelming” feeling of having SOOOO much to do and not enough time. I remembered feeling as if I could not do this…as if I was not smart enough to do this program. But with determination, perseverance and much work…I did it! And I know this new class will do the same!

It was wonderful to be in our new building and to find my classrooms for Wednesday! I still cannot believe another semester is here! Guess I better get used to the sleep I can get tonight and tomorrow night..after Wedensday I am not betting on getting much sleep! : )

But before I go I could not help but say that I’m happy I made it this far….with an invisible disease! Many people may be tired of my “constant” reference! BUT why do I continually reference the RA and the Fibromyalgia? I reference it because it is hard enough for “normal” people to complete this level of education…much less someone with our pain and suffering! Throw in the medication and for many of us…just living takes all our energy! For those of who can get out of bed and can work or can go to school…we have to raise awareness and never let our disease be forgotten. This helps encourage those suffering with invisible diseases that life DOES NOT STOP! We can still live…it may be painful, we may move slower…but we can still live!

One day I will be on the other side for all these classes!!! 🙂

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