Official Start

New semester officially kicks off tomorrow! Last night it was awesome to go see my new building (see pictures I uploaded yesterday). I’m STILL working on homework but I am sure I can get it all done! I’m excited to see my cohort members, I’m interested to see what will take place in class and I’m excited to see what all I will learn this semester!

Three things I saw on a webpage that I really thought was interesting! The first step to starting a new semester is PLANNING AHEAD! I think this helps us that are Squeakers or Spoonies! We need the extra time and less stress so PLANNING AHEAD saves us some pain! Plan to work was the second one! Yes it is HARD to plan your week out but I have found by planning my week out, I know what NEEDS done and what can wait to get done. It also saves me from stressing out two nights before! My goal is to always finish one week’s assignment by MONDAY so that I can have two days of pre-week (the next week’s) stuff to do. I also try to schedule ONE day that I do little to no homework..this helps my body recovery a little bit. And the last encouragement is to MENTALLY PREPARE!

Those who have completed their Ph.D’s or Ed.D’s probably still remember what it was like to mentally prepare yourself to WRITE, WRITE and for more fun WRITE! To study, and then study some more and then for kicks study some more! The stakes are higher at this level, the work is harder at this level and YES you have to study! BUT preparing your mind, really helps make it a little easier.

All of the above can help us spoonies/squeakers just in living and doing our daily things! Trust me I feel like I have to mentally prepare to get out of bed most mornings thanks to the morning stiffness. Add trying to open containers/soda’s or drive and that just knocks me over some days. And planning ahead saves stress…to be honest you will hurt a lot during the semester because you are pushing, pushing, pushing…but why hurt MORE than what you will hurt anyways?

Off to study I go, semester 2 officially commences TOMORROW!

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