Just Keep Doing It!

Yesterday I was reminded the intensity of pain! I spent the whole day in bed feeling every joint and muscle (even my skin or so it seemed). When I would get out of bed I would almost scream in pain..from my feet to my head. Now that certainly isn’t the way to spend the weekend but for people like us invisible disease sufferers…it is practically a “normal” day. It is hard to dig into yourself to find the strength to smile (despite these type of days) and to get something done (even if it is from bed). I rested until about 2:00p.m and then I got my hubby to drag my computer and phone to the bed. I was able to read two chapters for class (SCORE) and edit a paper!! Wohoo!!!

It is hard to pull yourself through tough times, especially when you are in pain (any kind of pain). Pain makes your brain struggle understand anything, your emotions extremely sensitive and your heart heavy. BUT even with this pain, I challenge you today to do something for yourself! What gives me power and hope is knowledge, education and in my mind preparing for what comes next.

So today I hope we all have a good day despite our pain!

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