A Whole New World

Growth! Growth brings to it a whole new world! For those of us starting our own new worlds…it is scary. It is scary to wake up and have to write a paper on a new topic, it is scary to wake up and have to make friends in a new city or at a new job. When things are new it is scary, stressful, and sometimes frustrating. I do not know about you but I hate being the new kid on the block. When I was first diagnosed as having an invisible disease, I did not know who to turn to….after awhile everything on the internet just looks the same. One big word pops up PAIN! And that is scary …especially when you feel weird (as if you are all alone) and so frustrated/tired of hurting.

The new world of anything brings with it so many feelings of being overwhelmed. I am in a new world of learning what am I going to write on for the next 3-4 years? What am I going to research…what piece of research am I going to make my own? That may sound easy but it is so is not! It is even harder when your body is screaming in pain with every movement…or when your mind does not really start to kick in until about 11:00p.m.! That in itself is frustrating! I am not sure but I def. wonder if insomnia is part of the invisible disease thing!

No matter what new world you are in, I hope that you know you are not alone. Our journey is not an easy one especially with the pain we feel in life. Pain that is physical and emotional…and def draining. But remember that growth brings new challenges, new strength, and most importantly a new chapter in life!

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