Amazing Weekend

The weekend was spent relaxing and having philosophical conversations. The one thing I have learned about studying at this level….you are always thinking! At least I am, I find myself sitting in a room fill of people and mind walks down soooo many paths. This weekend I wanted to spend every moment on home work but I realized I had the time to rest and just relax.

So I went with my amazing group of college kids and sat out in the sun on the lake. It was nice to watch such a group of young people. I envied their energy and the fun things you see between young guys and girls! Oh to be that age again! But I would only want to be that age of I had my knowledge that I have today.

Sitting at the lake, I could forget for just a few hours about my physical pain. I didn’t have to be in a cold room instead I listens to laughter and the sound of water. So that thankfully eased my pain, if only for a few hours! Now I’m sunburned, tired and in pain! But that is ok, the weekend was worth it!

I’m blessed because I have an awesome group of supporters, I have an awesome group of colleagues, I have a cohort with people who want to learn and I have my inner drive to succeed. The journey is not easy but God is good! I challenge you to find something you are thankful for today! It can bring a positive mindset that could change your world!

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