Never Give Up!

No matter how hard the road is (and yes for us sufferers the road is hard)….one thing that has stuck out to me while I have been writing my 30 page (and it is not even close to being done) paper….I have to keep going. If I stop now….I will have gained nothing. If I stop in 4 years after I am done… I will be a doctor! Find something to keep you pushing toward your finish line! Keep that goal close to your heart! Picture the moment of crossing the line and knowing YOU DID IT!

Do not let your mind be filled with anxieties, worries, fears, what ifs and the many other thoughts that can take over your thinking. I know I let my mind go down these walks sometimes..I wonder why am I doing this? I feel I cannot do it. I think I am not good enough to do it!

Honestly if you want to have someone incapable of doing it….should not it be me? I was born in a third world country, I did not have electricity until I was 13 years old. There was no road to my village in my third world country. My bedroom floor was mud. Yes I came from that….from a poor third world country…to a 1st year doctoral student in the United States How??? Perseverance, determination, inner strength, self-efficacy and many other words you want to throw up there. But ultimately…I keep going! I keep pushing foward! Keep fighting, keep going and NEVER GIVE UP!

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