You got this!

Tonight, I am telling myself over and over that “I HAVE THIS”!! Why?? Well mostly because I am serious pain and I have to work on a paper! It never is good tohaveto work on homework when you do not feel good. Oh well, I HAVE to do this :).  So what I am telling myself is that “I CAN DO THIS.”

While I def. do not know what is going on in your life…I do know that I want to encourage you to say “YOU CAN DO THIS.” Many people’s days are spent with worry, anxiety, frustration (yes I am talking about myself) and worst of all…for many people their days are spent in total agony!

I remember someone asked me if I could explain how I feel every day….I struggled for words. Saying I have been hit by a train, dropped off a mountain, run over by a bulldozer, burned in acid, and much more does not seem adequate. The words may not be there to explain how we feel….but nevertheless I definitely encourage you to keep trying to find the words. Our story (our life) is not an easy one by no means, but when we share we feel less alone. And when we feel less alone…we feel more like we do can through our days!

Off to more typing but I GOT THIS!

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