Don’t Give Up!

One thing I learned this week…when the going gets rough…get a good nights sleep and try again! Earlier this week I was working on my first mini proposal. That means I had to look through the vast field of research, find an area that interested me, research that area and hypothetically find an area that lacked. The goal is for me to write a proposed study that would plug a gap in my topics current research.

Last semester I found a topic I really liked. Then this last week I have out everything together (last semesters and this semesters research) so that I can move forward with proposing a hypothetical study. But with the life of a researcher comes rabbit trails and dead ends. This week I found myself at a dead end which landed me into feeling extremely overwhelmed.

I am hoping to focus my dissertation in a qualitative field (words, perceptions) but I was originally trying to write my study quantitively (using statistics). I probably should have gotten the hint faster but I didn’t! Thanks to my wonderful professor, I was able to get on the right track! YAY!

It is a good feeling to be going to bed with a workable draft of my mini proposal due! Tomorrow I will be immersed in reading and preparing for my paper in philosophy! That is one paper that I will def be praying over!

The only non positive of today, my pain! My pain has remained steadily high this week…I guess that is probably due to the lack of sleep and stress over my homework. I am definitely ready to be pain free…one day! Just wish that day would be soon!

My tidbit of encouragement for tonight, keep going! For me that has been tough the last few days….but tonight I am proud that I kept pushing forward! Never give up!

One thought on “Don’t Give Up!

  1. Reading this made me think a this great flash card video a teen did about not giving up….it will make you cry but it’s the good kind of cry:) He used a Christian Music song called Don’t Give Up by Christian Rock band Calling Glory as the musical back drop to the video…and I have to say it fits nicely.

    Christian Music

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