Yes I love shoes

You would think I have enough pain and torture thanks to my RA/fibro…yet due to my love of heels….I found the cutest pair of shoes to wear to my brides rehearsal dinner! Will my feet hurt..probably but when you feel cute…it just seems worth it!

I’m excited to be there to wish my bride and her groom into a wonderful world of marriage! I am excited that my first break this summer is to celebrate their joy!

Now I just need to get through class Wednesday and I will be golden! Oh and I need to redo my french manicure!!! Ahhh white is already chipping…what is the deal??? I wear shellac and trust me that stuff stays on for weeks but my french shellac manicure is disappointing me!

Well world I wish you all a better day tomorrow! I wish, hope and pray that our pain eases! I encourage you to find a positive thought or prayer to carry you through tonight and on into the week ahead! I hope that no matter our pain levels…we remember that God listens and gives strength when ours fail!

Have a great night and an awesome week! Cannot wait for Friday!


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