You Never Know…

I have often said that you never know whose life you might tough on a daily basis. I experienced this today when I was at my office. I was working on a paper, the office was quiet and then a student walked in. She had a very simple question, that I easily answered but she nervously started asking me more questions. After about 20 minutes I was able to share with some of the basics of college – what was an AA degree, a BA degree, why is education important, etc. It was nice to be able to help a student who had questions, too many times our days are full of the questions that are so obviously answered. Today I was happy to help someone who honestly needed my help. I’m thankful I had the smile on my face and the ability to answer her questions.

So my reminder from today, you never know who you will meet in life..always be ready! You never know maybe you will be the person that can totally change someone elses’ perspective of the day!

One thought on “You Never Know…

  1. I think she walked in with lots of questions but was afraid to ask for fear of looking stupid. She started with a “safe” question. Your response to her put her at ease enough for her to be willing to ask the questions she really wanted to ask. All part of being a great therapist!

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