Just keep going

That is something I am reminding myself as I am in the “FINAL” week of this summer semester. It has been one tough tough ride but I am almost there! The only tidbit I can share tonight is even when it gets so hard you want to quit (TRUST ME I was there/am there)…take a break and go back at climbing the mountain.

I may be covered in IceeHot so that I can relieve myself temporarily of some pain…but at least I am typing a few more sentences. And in a few more minutes a few more sentences. Eventually the HUGE INTENSE paper I have to write will be done. I just have to keep plugging at it! One step at a time!

Hang in there!

2 thoughts on “Just keep going

  1. Hi, I suffer with FMS and CFS!! Knock on wood, I have been feeling better. I don’t mind answering any questions you may have… Thanks for posting

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